National Geographic Channel

Yesterday’s shoot for National Geographic was a huge success, and I can’t thank enough the whole team and cast for the hard work. It will be airing On TV, National Geographic Channel, during the whole summer of 2016.
Amazing Photos by Alexis Wuillaume
Directed and Written by Jeremy Rubier
Produced by Adrian Grey
National Geography Producers : Akihiro Yamamoto and Ray Ono
Field Producer : Chiyume Sugawara
Art Direction by Storm Luu
Hair and Make up by Shigeo Nagasaka
Light by Boris Radosavljevic
With Evgeny Latypov Carlos Eduardo Fred Sakai Alexander Hunter Chuck Johnson Robert Anderson Mark Rogers Sharon Gidon Kobayashi Ilana Labourene – LaniLabo Anna Nikulchenkova
Everything else by Brandon Strack the dude who can save or make any shoot a pleasure.

More photos can be found here: